Postcards from Nashville.

1.  Paducah has a Husband Road.

2.  Kentucky has signs before every bridge which say something like, 'Bridges freeze before road in cold weather.'  Greg hates that — Arkansas does something similar.

3.  As I was crossing the Tennessee River, I got the song "Tennessee River and a Mountain Man, we get together any time we can…" in my head, and it WOULD. NOT. LEAVE.

4.  Nashvillians (-villians? -villites?) are my kind of folk.  They eat EARLY compared to St. Louisans.  In St. Louis, 7 p.m. is the holy dining hour, wherein it becomes difficult to find a table.  In Nashville, the restaurants fill by 5:30.

5.  I decided to go to a brewpub to study and was carded for beer.  Me.  Carded.  I'm damn near 32.  Sweet.  Greg, he gets carded all the time.  ha!

6.  The hotel thinks I'm from San Francisco because someone from SF canceled and the administrators just swapped my name in, without changing the address.  I didn't bother to correct them, especially after I got a sweet room on the concierge level.  Now if I can only keep myself from looking like an ass because my key card doesn't work right in the elevator, I'll be good.

7.  My waiter at the brewpub and his roommate (also my waiter at the brewpub, I know, weird) are going to St. Louis this weekend.  They knew I was from St. Louis even though my driver license (I got carded, remember?) bears the name of a suburb.  These boys must be geography majors at nearby Vanderbilt University.

8.  My camera ran out of memory as I was trying to take a camera photo of the sign for Kentucky.  Damn!  I missed it, and I really wanted to have it to show Laurel.  I don't know why, she probably wouldn't even  care.  I had to delete some dark obscure shots in order to take photos, but the Kentucky sign was long gone.  Maybe on the trip back.

9.  The hotel has song quotes all over.  In the elevator, it says "Love in an elevator, living it up while I'm going down…"  and in another elevator it has "I feel the earth move under my feet…"  And in the lobby there is a jukebox.  We the guests can program in the music playing in the lobby.  This is Music City after all, right?

That's about it.  I have to go down to register in 29 minutes, and judging from the way everyone else is dressed, I need to dress nicely.  Blech.  Also, there is some other kind of group down there right now, so I'm feeling pretty intimidated about looking for my group.   Oh, well.  Time to buck up.