Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, & Tennessee.

Those are the four states my wheels will touch today, as I travel out of town for a business conference.

 For some people, traveling away from family is a luxury, something to which they look forward with glee.  I am not one of those people.  Oh, I like to see new things and have new experiences, and all that.  But at the end of the day, I want to be home.  Home with Greg, Laurel, and Ethan.  That's where I belong.

 I won't get to be home until Sunday. 

Ethan doesn't care about this of course, and he seemed a little puzzled that I clung to him a little longer this morning when I dropped him at preschool.  Laurel moped in the car, telling me repeatedly she didn't want me to go.  I tried to explain this is what a working mother must do sometimes.  I told her I didn't really like it either, but there it was.

They'll be okay.  Greg's ordering pizza tonight, which is a special treat.  Earlier this week, he even told Laurel, "Hey, when Mommy's gone, maybe we can do something fun, like order pizza!"

As if I'm not fun!  Hmph!