The Cutest Thing I Saw Today.

We've taken a big step and have enrolled Ethan in preschool.  Greg and I took him for a visit to his classroom this morning.  He fits in quite well, and when I retrieved his backpack for us to leave, he took it from my hand and promptly went right back to hang it on the peg. 

That was pretty cute. 

But the cutest thing I saw today was when the maintenance man came into the classroom to replace the old latches on the line of storage cabinets along the wall.  Five or six little toddler boys crowded around him as he sat, all intent on the process.  As he finished replacing each latch, he'd suggest they all move along to the next cabinet, and off they'd go, like goslings after geese.  Then they'd settle into their toddler crouch once more and, as serious as they could be, watch him do the next one.

That was the cutest thing I saw today.

So far.