Portrait of My Husband.

Main Entry:  Greg
Part of Speech:  proper noun
Definition:  Husband & father
Synonyms:  Easygoing, pliant, flexible, yielding
Antonyms:  Adamant, stern, bullheaded, resolute


So imagine my surprise when my tongue-in-cheek suggestion for his Halloween costume was met with a very uncompromising, "I am NOT wearing that!!"

The costume in question?  Lieutenant Dangle:


Well, we've been going back and forth anyway because he doesn't want to dress up for Halloween, and I would like to do it this year.  And I think he's just a big stick in the mud because he thinks he's too grown up or something to play dress-up.  I decided that, by god, I was gonna get my way.  So I came home and promptly sat down and did this: