Monthly Archives: September 2007

KSDK Oops.

Look what flashed up on the ticker this morning on our local news program:

That, friends, is some power — wielding the controls to the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Scenes from School.

Here's a photo of Laurel at school, reading the morning announcements on TV:


Perhaps we have a broadcast journalist in our midst.

Meanwhile, here she is, mugging for the teachercam — she looks thrilled to me:

Patio Project 2007, Days 8-11; Can We Build It?

Yes we can!

The project is finally finished, except for a few minor finishing details, like landscaping and seeding the ENTIRE back yard.  At least we're finished renting big equipment and the pallets of pavers and stones are moved out of the center of the back yard.

Instead of equipment casualties, Greg and I experienced bodily injury.  I was celebrating a good decision (or something) when I flipped a rubber mallet and popped myself in the nose with it.  I also couldn't seem to keep my head connecting with stair stringers.  Greg, well, he wasn't quite such an idiot — he just slipped and fell and tore up his shin.  We worked 11 hours a day for a couple of days and 6-7 hours a couple of other days, with a little help from friends and family, in order to finish this up.

But the result?  Well worth it, we think:

We even managed to keep our bickering to a minimum.  Rock!


Here's why we will be spending the rest of the summer / fall season working on getting grass growing again: