This morning we realized what the KSDK thing was all about.  There's a story up here where a rogue cop pulled over a guy and just started abusing him.  This is the problem with the cops having all the power they have — you can't stand up to them when there are no witnesses, or they could haul you in on any number of trumped-up charges.

There are a lot of good officers out there, but for every good one, there's a bad one.  Just like any occupation.

Anyway, the frame we saw was just that — a frame.  It had no context applied to it whatsoever.  However, it was part of what the cop was screaming to the guy, and the video and transcript of the entire event can be seen here.  This man was being openly taunted by the belligerent cop, who had NO BUSINESS speaking to a citizen in that matter, even if he does have prior run-ins (which there was no way for the cop to know as of this video). 

This is shameful and really has my dander up.  Talk about a classic abuse of power.  I've seen far too much of that in my life.

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    I agree – you might want to ask Paw Paw but I think one of the employees tangled with these officers with outrageously expensive and abusive results.

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