I was rear-ended this morning by a Mercedes-Benz.  Well, not the car itself, naturally, but the driver thereof.  He seemed like a nice guy, and we exchanged info while Greg called the law (I was on the phone with him when I was hit). 

While chatting in the middle of the road (Tesson Ferry & 270) waiting for the police to arrive, some guys in a service truck went by in the opposite direction honking and wolf-whistling.  I was of course looking my finest in my craptastic t-shirt / lightweight shorts combo I wore for this morning's insurance company physical.  Therefore, it was completely understandable (scoff!). The remainder of our conversation went something like this:

Guy:  (disgusted)  Oh, nice.  Real nice.

Me:  (laughing)  Yeah, well.  Whatever, I guess.

Guy:  I just can't believe that.  Some people.  Geez.

Me:  Hey, maybe they were whistling at you!


To me, it was actually unsurprising that some enterprising fellows would take that moment to express their amorous feelings. I think many decent men don't realize we womenfolk are surrounded by idiots who take opportunities like a woman being hit in a car crash to do something like that. 

I wonder if it works for them?

Anyway, nobody was injured and that's the important thing.  Ethan was a super champ.  He didn't even cry, but sat there in the back seat looking bewildered for the entire affair.