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I was rear-ended this morning by a Mercedes-Benz.  Well, not the car itself, naturally, but the driver thereof.  He seemed like a nice guy, and we exchanged info while Greg called the law (I was on the phone with him when I was hit). 

While chatting in the middle of the road (Tesson Ferry & 270) waiting for the police to arrive, some guys in a service truck went by in the opposite direction honking and wolf-whistling.  I was of course looking my finest in my craptastic t-shirt / lightweight shorts combo I wore for this morning's insurance company physical.  Therefore, it was completely understandable (scoff!). The remainder of our conversation went something like this:

Guy:  (disgusted)  Oh, nice.  Real nice.

Me:  (laughing)  Yeah, well.  Whatever, I guess.

Guy:  I just can't believe that.  Some people.  Geez.

Me:  Hey, maybe they were whistling at you!


To me, it was actually unsurprising that some enterprising fellows would take that moment to express their amorous feelings. I think many decent men don't realize we womenfolk are surrounded by idiots who take opportunities like a woman being hit in a car crash to do something like that. 

I wonder if it works for them?

Anyway, nobody was injured and that's the important thing.  Ethan was a super champ.  He didn't even cry, but sat there in the back seat looking bewildered for the entire affair.

Portrait of My Husband.

Main Entry:  Greg
Part of Speech:  proper noun
Definition:  Husband & father
Synonyms:  Easygoing, pliant, flexible, yielding
Antonyms:  Adamant, stern, bullheaded, resolute


So imagine my surprise when my tongue-in-cheek suggestion for his Halloween costume was met with a very uncompromising, "I am NOT wearing that!!"

The costume in question?  Lieutenant Dangle:


Well, we've been going back and forth anyway because he doesn't want to dress up for Halloween, and I would like to do it this year.  And I think he's just a big stick in the mud because he thinks he's too grown up or something to play dress-up.  I decided that, by god, I was gonna get my way.  So I came home and promptly sat down and did this:



We Made It!

I had a wonderful night's sleep last night.  Wonder of wonders, Ethan immediately fell asleep when we put him to bed, and we didn't hear a peep out of him until approximately 6:40 this morning (well within the boundaries of good taste).  At that time, he came running out of his room with a bewildered look, yelling, "Up!  I'm up!  I got up!"

This afternoon's nap was only slightly more difficult.  I cringed when I thought of today's nap because I just knew daylight would make it more difficult for him to understand he had to stay in bed.  However, he only tried to escape the confines of his bedroom prison twice.  The first time I told him he had to go back to bed and he did, but only momentarily.  The second time he tried, Greg caught him and put him back.  That was the end of it.

One more rite of passage down.  It's sad, in a way, to think he won't be needing his crib any longer.  On the other hand, this means he will be able to sleep in a real bed and we won't have to drag his pack-n-play along wherever we go.



Big Boy Bed.

Alas (or Hurrah!), our little boy is fast becoming a little man. 

I'm going back to work full-time next week, and Ethan's going to preschool.  At preschool, he will be expected to do all kinds of things he hasn't much had to do.  He'll have to share toys with others, drink from a regular cup, and nap on a cot.  Therefore, we decided it was time for his crib to make it's conversion to a toddler bed.

I spent a good hour today clearing his room of everything but the barest of necessities (the crib, his dresser, and his changing table).  I did leave his toy box in there but shut all the toys inside.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?  I also left some of those items he has never shown much interest in, such as extra diapers, wipes, his playpen, etc. I also decided to leave Tyrone, because Ethan tucks Tyrone into bed on the floor next to him every night.

Tonight Greg made the conversion.  Ethan helped, of course, by climbing onto Greg's back and swinging like a monkey during the entire affair. 

Ethan seems pleased with the result.  Now we just have to see how he handles his first night in a toddler bed.  Actually, who are we kidding?  Tonight, with its inevitable struggle to get Ethan to stay in bed will be much worse on us than on Ethan!


The Cutest Thing I Saw Today.

We've taken a big step and have enrolled Ethan in preschool.  Greg and I took him for a visit to his classroom this morning.  He fits in quite well, and when I retrieved his backpack for us to leave, he took it from my hand and promptly went right back to hang it on the peg. 

That was pretty cute. 

But the cutest thing I saw today was when the maintenance man came into the classroom to replace the old latches on the line of storage cabinets along the wall.  Five or six little toddler boys crowded around him as he sat, all intent on the process.  As he finished replacing each latch, he'd suggest they all move along to the next cabinet, and off they'd go, like goslings after geese.  Then they'd settle into their toddler crouch once more and, as serious as they could be, watch him do the next one.

That was the cutest thing I saw today.

So far.

She’s Eight.

This is why librarians have been known to question the propriety of Laurel's selected reading material.  You  may have to click the image a couple of times to enlarge it to full size.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

As of 12:50 p.m. today, you were two years old.  You act every bit of it.  We have moments where you are declaring all-out war against my senses, screaming and kicking and throwing yourself on the floor.  We have days when you whine incessantly during our car rides, when you demand a snack, no not THAT snack, but rather THAT snack.  We have moments you want to be picked up, followed by a torrent of letmedownpickmeupputmedownWOMAN!   Those moments are enough to make me tear my hair out.

Then we have other moments.  Moments when you freely give kisses, when you sing 'Baa baa, black sheep' before going to bed.  We have times when you show how caring you are, sharing your fruit snacks and Goldfish crackers with me.  Times when you smile, when I see the light in your eyes because I finally understand what you are trying to tell me.  We have moments when I see glimpses of your sense of humor as you tease me into playing games with you when I don't even know how to play.  It's these moments which completely offset the trying times.  Even more, I have those really special times, when I see you and Laurel go hand-in-hand up the driveway to the car or into her room, or wherever — but you're doing it together, and she's teaching you.  I can only hope you follow in her footsteps.

You're growing so fast these days and learning so quickly.  I'm missing my baby, because he's turning into a little boy.

Happy birthday, son.  I'm so proud to have you, and I hope you're proud to have me, too.

Scenes from today's party:




This morning we realized what the KSDK thing was all about.  There's a story up here where a rogue cop pulled over a guy and just started abusing him.  This is the problem with the cops having all the power they have — you can't stand up to them when there are no witnesses, or they could haul you in on any number of trumped-up charges.

There are a lot of good officers out there, but for every good one, there's a bad one.  Just like any occupation.

Anyway, the frame we saw was just that — a frame.  It had no context applied to it whatsoever.  However, it was part of what the cop was screaming to the guy, and the video and transcript of the entire event can be seen here.  This man was being openly taunted by the belligerent cop, who had NO BUSINESS speaking to a citizen in that matter, even if he does have prior run-ins (which there was no way for the cop to know as of this video). 

This is shameful and really has my dander up.  Talk about a classic abuse of power.  I've seen far too much of that in my life.