That Girl.

Laurel came home yesterday with her spelling pre-test.  Some of the bonus words included on top of the regular words included the following:

Depart, diligently, hostile, morsel, predicament, regurgitate, sinew, and tribute. 

The only one Laurel misspelled was 'regurgitate,' and only because she left out the second 'g.'  I'm pretty sure she just skipped over it accidentally, because if she were sounding it out, she would have gotten it. 

These are AWESOME spelling words.  I mean, seriously, 'sinew?'  I'm quite certain most of the adult population would miss that one.

Laurel is in the right place.  This is the coolest school program ever, and she has integrated well into the class.  The teachers understand her, and she and the other kids understand each other.  We could not possibly ask for better.  She seems to have grown up a lot in the past week or two, and I'm sure it's because her academic needs are finally being met and she's finally around other kids on her level.  I mean, they all received laptops yesterday.  Laptops!  In 3rd grade!  I know!

Of course, she's still only 8, and therefore ran to me and yelled 'FART!' at a rather obnoxious volume last night — at the college bookstore.  Nice. 

However, knowing how I feel about the indiscriminate use of that word in public, she apologized to me as we were leaving.  I was so proud.

Her next big public-use word will probably be 'regurgitate.'