Laurel informed me on Friday that she wanted 'lots of little braids all over her head.'  I asked her about the origin of this request and she said she'd seen black girls wearing that style and she thought it was beautiful.  I told her we could certainly give it a shot, but that I wasn't sure how it would work because, well, she's white.  And white girls have different hair than black girls.

I called a friend of mine about this, who is black and to whom I feel comfortable talking to about this because she and I ACKNOWLEDGE there are differences between 'black folk' and 'white folk.'  We don't worry about political correctness and pretending we're all the same when we're not.  She and I brainstormed about how to accomplish this with white girl hair, and after sitting for 4 hours braiding (I don't usually do this, what with me being white and all) this was the result:

Laurel could not be more thrilled.  As for me, I'm all for it because I love someone who can be different and be bold about it.

That's my girl.

* My friend Jessica asked if we should call her Laurizzle, hence the title of this post.