Here’s the Reason I’m Probably Unpopular in Class.

The other night I was sitting through my rather dry Law of Real Estate course.  We were going over some review questions when I suddenly got an opportunity to spice things up a bit.  The events unfolded something like this:

Question:  "Which of the following statements about carbon monoxide is false?

a.  It is easily detectable
b.  It is the result of incomplete combustion
c.  It is a natural result of combustion
d.  It is quickly absorbed by the body"

I raised my hand, and when the professor called upon me, I said, "I suppose the answer you're looking for is a, because it's not easily detected by, say, the naked eye."

Then some other girl raised her hand to argue, and that was where the fun began.

Other girl:  "No.  It's not a natural result of combustion."

Professor:  "um…"

Me:  "Oh yes, it is."

Girl:  "No, no it isn't, because it's caused by incomplete combustion."

Me:  "But it's still a natural result of combustion, regardless of whether it is incomplete.  It's not UNnatural.  It's not synthetic."

Professor:  (blank look)

Girl:  "No, it ISN'T a natural product."

Me:  "But it IS.  I'm confident of this.  I know this.  I'm quite familiar with this."

Maybe I was just in a bad mood, but I was determined to win this one.  And of course I did, prepared as I was to take her to the mat on this one.  I'm tenacious like a pit bull when I know I'm right.

And I was.  I didn't study internal combustion and chemistry and all that rot just so some broad in a real estate course could tell me that CO was not a natural result of combustion.  GOD.