San Francisco, Part 4.


Tuesday we went to Alcatraz.  Alcatraz is smelly and polka-dotted from all the birds, but also fascinating.  Laurel really enjoyed the audio tour and I'm sure she learned a lot.  We have a lot of interesting photos, but here are the best:

This was on the dock waiting for the ferry to take us to the island. Greg thought this was funny. And it is. Alcatraz from the ferry. As you can see from the wake, this was actually taken when we were on our way back from the island.

 Guard tower.The 'Indians Welcome' signs are there due to the Native American protest occupation on the island that began in 1969.

View down the hall in a cell block. Inside a standard cell.

Laurel in an Alcatraz cell. Solitary confinement. I went in. It was unsettling.

Pock marks from grenades. The grenades were used by the government during the Alcatraz escape attempt and riots of 1946. The lighthouse on Alcatraz, with the main prison building behind.

The view from Alcatraz.

Tuesday evening we went to dinner at Chenery Park Restaurant.  It was kids night, so we felt comfortable taking the little ones.  We were seated upstairs near the kitchen though, and it was very warm.  Still, everyone enjoyed their meal and I, for one, slept well that night.

While I'm on the food subject, I want to talk about the Glen Park neighborhood where we stayed.  While there, we made several trips to a local bakery which had the most delicious scones and other pastries.  I personally can vouch for the scones, but I tried to stay away from the other stuff while we were there.  They also have a little market which is very similar to the City Market here in downtown St. Louis.  We had sandwiches there which were very good.  We had some tasty sushi at a little hole-in-the-wall place and pretty tasty food from a local taqueria.  On our last day there, I had a crepe from a local joint that was just delicious.  What a wonderful time for those of us who really love food!


Wednesday dawned with rain, or what they refer to as rain in San Francisco.  They received a whopping two hundredths of an inch (that's 0.02 inches, folks), and therefore cars were sliding in ditches and 17,000 Pacific Gas & Electric customers were without power!!  It seems this was a record — the first time rain had ever been recorded on that date.  I blame it on my mother's presence — it's a running joke that she tends to attract wild weather phenomena (such as tornadoes).  You can view the article about it here.  It was only a misting, but there you have it.  San Franciscans can take fog (which is pretty misty itself) for 18 hours a day, but NO MORE THAN FOG! 

We decided to venture off the peninsula to Muir Woods to view the redwoods.  The 'rain' had ended by the time we got there.  The trees were amazing.

It is so unfair that perspective is lost in 2 dimensions.This is where Ethan spent most of his vacation. It's a good thing his dad has strong shoulders. I couldn't do it.


I had another mini-meltdown on this trip because NOBODY IN MY FAMILY SMILES FOR PHOTOS BUT ME. See? Nobody smiling.

After my mini-meltdown, we trudged back to the car and loaded up.  We were all exhausted, but Greg wanted to see Muir Beach.  We'd have loved to go, but the road was winding and I was starting to feel wonky.  So I said something and Greg had HIS mini-meltdown and pulled to the side of the road on the face of a cliff to take photos.

When we got back home, I just went straight upstairs and went to bed.  Blech.

Later that evening, Anita wanted to go downtown and take night photos.  I didn't feel like going, but Greg went with her.  They got some good ones!

Greg got those photo and then told me there were actually quite a few people casting their nets off the pier for dungeness. SF at dusk.

We ate here earlier in the week (after Alcatraz, I believe). I'd always wanted to try In-n-Out Burger. It was good, as far as fast food burgers go. Greg and Anita trudged up these steps to the top of Telegraph Hill. We think these are the Greenwich Steps. There are approximately 385 steps.

The end result of all that stair-climbing: A photo of Coit Tower.

Stay tuned for Part 5 — the last in the series!