San Francisco, Part 3.


Well, we decided Monday would be a good day to venture out and try visiting Chinatown again.  We made it this time!  We visited a fortune cookie factory and some kitschy touristy shops.  We saw some dried seahorses for sale among other novelties, and we rounded out our visit with dim sum.  This experience with dim sum was much more pleasant than our last, primarily because we weren't so overwhelmed by the employees and carts (this tea room had an a la carte menu).

Anita with Ethan while waiting in a cable car line -- the line was MUCH shorter than Saturday's.Typical street in Chinatown neighborhood.


Sign for the Fortune Cookie Factory. Notice the pigeon sitting on top scoping for goodies.These ladies were FAST. A sign requested I pay 50 cents for this photo. I did.


Another typical street scene, this time with the Bay Bridge in the background.Pretty lanterns. You can see the fog above them. Of course.


Dim sum parlor. My hair is starting to freak out from the humidity. Awesome.

After our Chinatown adventure, we moved on down the cable car line to Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf.

We of course had to visit Ghirardelli. They were remodeling the buildings, so we didn't get to go to Fritz Belgian Fries (DANG). This is the closest we got to any sea lions. Good thing, too -- Laurel might've tried to wrassle 'em like this one.

Mmm. Sourdough bread. Greg and I walked down to the Boudin Bread company to pick up a loaf.

By the time we finished, we were all exhausted.  After a long wait for the cable car, we boarded only to discover there was a problem on the line and we'd have to transfer to a shuttle bus midway through the route.  We decided to go ahead and risk it and it was actually pretty efficient.  We were sore, tired, and happy to be home.

Stay tuned for Part 4!