Patio Project 2007, Days Five through Seven.

Day Five

You already saw me on the Bobcat here.  Greg's coworker felt he was betraying mankind by allowing a woman to see how much 'fun' it is to run that kind of equipment.  I'd like to take this moment to remind everyone that, having grown up on a farm, I firmly believe that while it's nice to do something like this now and then for a change, I do not like to be on a tractor OR a Bobcat OR anything of that ilk for 8 hours a day.

Fortunately I didn't have to be.  Greg came running out the very second he was done working and worked on digging out more drainage.  This is necessary because we are blessed with a yard full of clay and boulders.  And nothing in between:

Ethan supervised again.  Here he is taking a break from his duties as foreman.  And yes, he seems to think the cup needs tilting in order to drink from a straw:


Day Six

We had lots of great help today.  Thanks to PawPaw, as always, and to Greg's cousins who came over and worked.  Those boys work hard and they are great company.  We got much of the wall and steps completed thanks to them:

Later we celebrated with some homemade pulled pork and coleslaw.  Yum!

Day Seven

Andy came over and helped A LOT — thanks, Andy!!

It was friggin' hot today.  We worked on the steps and wall some more, and I set some pavers in place on the steps to see how they'd look (they need some work before we'll be happy with them, but we'll get to that):


I found this cute guy playing with blocks:

And despite a judicious (for me) application of sunblock, at the end of the day I ended up an exhausted wreck with swollen feet.  But that's not all!  No!  I also have a vivid sunburn as a trophy for my labors.  Observe:

But we're SO MUCH CLOSER to completion.