Out With the Old, In With the New.

We are trading cameras.

Old Camera:  Canon PowerShot G3 (photo taken with new camera)

I know it's silly to have developed an attachment to our old camera, but I did.  More than four years ago, Greg and I were about to get married and we wanted a digital camera to record our honeymoon and the beginning of our life together.  We chose the Canon and were never sorry.  The Canon has taken us through so much, from our honeymoon to the weddings of our friends.  It has traveled with us on vacations, helped us purchase our first home, and recorded Vinnie's joining of the family.  It has seen my family through the destruction of tornadoes and the joys of the holidays.  It has preserved the faces of loved ones now lost to the passage of time.  It captured Laurel's all-too-quick growth from an untamed preschooler to a still largely untamed but damn fine 7-year-old, including her first airplane flight and her first day of school.  It was there the day Ethan was born and has faithfully served us in recording every milestone he's achieved to date.

Yes, I know it's silly to develop an attachment to an inanimate object, but this camera has meant something to me.  It has allowed me to go back and see a retrospect of my family.  It has given me fond memories and has seen me laugh and cry as it helped me recall the events of the last few years.

I'll miss this camera, this extension and prompter of my memory.

But as with many things, something new comes along to replace the old.  Something which performs better, jumps higher, runs faster.  It's time for the Canon to retire.  We're not sure whether we will sell it or train Laurel on it (I think she would be a fantastic photographer).  Though our Canon was a good camera, and still is a good camera, we felt it was time for something which would better catch the kids in action.   We needed something to take better photos in dim light.  And here she is:

New Camera:  Nikon D40 (photo taken with old camera)

We hope to have as many happy moments with her that we had with the Canon.  And I'm sure we will.