Lemme Tell You ‘Bout Nasty.

So, Ethan has a habit of grabbing items out of the refrigerator and making off with them at top speed.  A previous example of this was the strawberry syrup.

This morning the warfare escalated.

This morning . . . it was the fish sauce.

Fish sauce is made of fermented fish.

When we, the policia, gave chase, Ethan threw the evidence in an effort to keep us from finding it — like any crackhead worth his salt.  The bottle broke.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, smells quite like an entire bottle of fermented fish sauce.  Not even Vinnie's impacted glands.

Poor Greg cleaned it up because I was trying to get Laurel to school on time.  I had to come back in after something, and although I don't typically have a weak stomach, I got the heaves.  Whew.

Fish sauce on the floor, my friends, is nasty.  However, I'm seeing this as a positive turn of events.  I think this could be an effective weapon against my enemies.