Last Day Photos, as promised!

Well, really her next-to-last day.

The BoneBlog has been on hiatus the past few days while switching back to XP and enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.  I finally found all the photos of her Maypole / Awards Ceremony, so I get to share them now.

Here are photos of the maypole, dedicated to Pappy, who always talked about how much he loved to watch a maypole dance:



Of course, no Maypole / Awards Ceremony is complete without the Electric Slide.  Here is a snapshot of Laurel's performance:

  Even the parents got in on this one, followed by the Cha-Cha Slide, which I find to be an abomination on good sense, dance, and sobriety.  However, I sure wish I could come up with some dunderheaded 'dance' that all the drunks would perform, thereby becoming an insta-millionaire.

But nothing compared to Laurel's greatest coup — Her Accelerated Reader all-4-quarter 200% trophy, proudly displayed here:

P.S.  As if Laurel weren't enough of a Harry Potter freakazoid, I started reading the series and discovered she and Harry Potter share the same birthday. 

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  1. The Admin

    Very proud of your award Laurel!!  You rock!!  Hope you enjoyed your day – looks like fun.

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