Her Last.

Today is Laurel's last day of 2nd grade.

It is her last day at Sherwood Elementary.

It is her last day to see many of the kids she has come to know and love over the last three years.

I know the sadness will hit her in about 45 minutes (if it hasn't already) when I go to pick her up from Sherwood.  For the last time.

But today is also the first day of a new adventure, and I think she's really excited about it. 

Yesterday I attended her maypole performance and award ceremony at school.  She was so proud of herself because she got two of her most coveted awards — perfect attendance and 200% of her Accelerated Reader goal for all four quarters.  The principal was there and announced that only 4 students had accomplished the 200% goal, and the other 3 were in 6th grade.  That's our girl!

I'd put up some photos, but I'll be damned if that Greg didn't hide them from me when we went back to XP, so I'll have to put them up later.