And a Big Shout-Out to Ethan.

I would like to take a moment to thank Ethan, who screamed like he was being abused for the duration of our first stroller aerobics class this morning.  It was a great way to make a first impression on the other moms.

Son, when you do something, you go all the way.   No half-assing it for you!

Way to overachieve!

(as an aside, Jessica must think my kids are the worst-behaved children ever, because it seems like they are on their worst behavior every time we get together — like that trip to the Art Museum with Laurel, or this morning's stroller aerobics…)

One thought on “And a Big Shout-Out to Ethan.

  1. The Admin

    I think the problem is ME!  Seriously, he really wasn’t that bad at all. I’m close to accusing you of being overly dramatic just like LookyDaddy.  😉  Just wait, I’ll have my turn.

    Oh, and I think Ethan needs to keep up his macdaddy stroller protest cause it’s fun watching you bounce around the park carrying him.  Oh my… I’ll get my day.

    My butt hurts.

    Oh, and the lady that made the playground comment to you can go to that burny firey place. Apparently she’s still trying to win Mommy of the Year.

    Really I think I’m done now.

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