Laurel’s Autobiography.

Laurel has been studying biographies in school recently, and was assigned to write an autobiography.  I think it's interesting to have a 7-year-old do this, because you find out what is important to them, if you can manage to wade through the terrible paragraph structure.  So here is the text of her autobiography, exactly as written other than the blanks replacing her full name:

"My name is Laurel _____ ________.  I have been to Chicago.  I was born July 31, 1999.  When I was born, my mom lived in Springfield, Mo. When we went to Chicago, we went way up in the Sears Tower.  There was lots to see.  We went to a pizza restaurant, too.  We have moved 3 times.  One house was concrete, another was brick, and another was brick.  Right now I am 7 1/2 years old.  I turned 7 1/2 on 1/31/07.  I went bowling twice in my life.  I went to Bunker Hill 2 times, also.  You live in a cabin, swim in a river, and eat in a bit larger cabin!  You can play tennis or golf on (almost) the top of the hill.  It's also a good place to play hide & seek.  At the food cabin, there's plenty to eat!  Mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, eggs, ham, milk and orange juice."

Well, the only facts she has mixed up are where we actually lived when she was born (Jefferson City) and the bit about the concrete house (although I can see why she would think that — we DO have a lot of concrete involved in the construction of our current home).  But she's spot on with the rest of it.