For the Love of Apples; or, Unintentional Racism.

This weekend, Greg and PawPaw and the rest of the bunch went to visit my mother and install a brand new furnace and air conditioner.

While there, we discovered Ethan l-o-v-e-s whole, unpeeled apples.  He and Laurel enjoyed apples together:

On the way home, we taught Laurel how to look for out-of-state license plates.  As we were passing a car with a New Mexico plate, Laurel guessed, 'I think that one is Mexico.'  Then, after noting it was New Mexico, she claimed, 'Well, I was close!  I just figured it was Mexico because of the color, because it was yellow.'

Hmmm.  We're not sure where to go with this one.  I just hope her presidential campaign managers don't catch wind of this.

Well, at least Ethan had the right idea: