Shopping Hell.

Okay, we have a problem.  Ethan has developed a shopping cart phobia.

We first noticed this last weekend at Trader Joe's.  Greg put Ethan in a cart and he began screaming.  Repeated attempts yielded the same results, so Greg was forced to carry Ethan through the store on his shoulders.

Since then, I've taken Ethan shopping twice.  Each time I've plopped him in the cart, he has sent up a pitiful wail that has everyone within 20 yards looking at me as though I've done something reprehensible.  I refuse to take him out of the cart and carry him around.  The kid weighs 32 pounds, I mean, come on. 

I don't know what brought this on.  Maybe he's jealous of those other toddlers whose paranoid parents use those shopping cart covers to protect them from germs.  Maybe he thinks those parents like their kids better than I like mine, because I snicker behind my hand when I see those.  We are not paranoid parents — I let Ethan chew on the cart handles (my apologies to all those using the cart after me).  Hey, whatever will keep him happy long enough for me to get our food and get us out of there, right?

I'm usually not a fan of shopping.  This development has not made my experience any more pleasant.  I sure hope we exit this phase as quickly as we entered it.

One thought on “Shopping Hell.

  1. The Admin

    Oh no!  That sucks!  You can always use my favorite technique — the push and pull! Though that’d look silly with one child. Could you give him a fly swatter to keep him entertained in the store? Just be sure he’s wearing his wife beater, too.

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