She’s a Material Girl.

Laurel's St. Patrick's Day essay from school:


"If I caught a Leprechaun and had three wishes, I would wish for many things.  First, I would wish for a new eraser.  I would because I need one to erase better.  Second, I would like one piece of gold.  I only want one so I could have something to remember him by.  Third, I would wish for a diamond.  I would like one because I do not have one. If I had all those things I would be very happy.    By Laurel."

I would, however, like to point out that her elementary school had a hat day fundraiser today wherein all proceeds would benefit a children's cancer charity.  The price to be allowed to wear a hat was $1.  Laurel asked if she could donate more.  She donated $3.  So she's not that material.

Well, actually, she donated $2.75 because she forgot to take a quarter to school for popcorn, so she asked for change in order to buy popcorn.  So maybe she's just a little bit materialistic.

But really, aren't we all?