Monthly Archives: February 2007

It’s Hard to be Different.

I'm a room mother for Laurel's class.  I've been charged with finding a game for the class to play at the Valentine Party this year.  Being me, I want it to be the best game the kids have, and I don't want it to be the same lame-o games they probably played last year.  I'm the different, unique, cooooooool mom, after all. 

Unfortunately, I think this is the most difficult party to find games for because of the age of the kids.  Any games that even remotely involve the word 'love' will cause the children either to collapse into giggles or refuse to play if one child is generally disliked and ostracized by the group.

I did some searching online, and of course most of the games which don't involve love are pretty lame.  In fact, most Valentine's Day games are just pretty lame in general.  Anybody have any ideas?  If nobody has any cool game ideas suitable for 2nd graders, they're going to end up pinning the heart on Cupid or something.  Eek.

Houdini Had Nothing on Vinnie.

Okay, so twice I put that dang dog into his harness today, strapped him up as tightly as I could, and placed him out on his tether.

Twice, that dang dog was out of the harness within 30 seconds and jumping against the door wanting in.

So I'm throwing down the gauntlet to the animal control wench.  I dare you to come a) catch this dog and b) keep his brown ass caught.

I'll be watching and laughing from the sidelines.

Gangsta Vinnie.

Vinnie's in trouble with the authorities.

Someone called Animal Control and lodged a complaint against Vinnie for 'running at large.'  When the officer came and posted the notice on our door, she also checked a box on the form about how we have to provide animals with adequate food, fresh water, and shelter.  Maybe she heard about the car incidents.

I knew if I called Animal Control to respond, I'd get all ghetto and chicken-necked defensive, so Greg did it for me.  He asked the officer for a description of the dog running at large, because there are a lot of dogs that run in this neighborhood, and they congregate at our house like teenagers because we're the cool dog owners.  It's certainly not unlikely that someone saw the neighbor dog in our yard and assumed she was ours.  Vinnie has quite a harem, after all.  The officer didn't really have a description.  Points for Greg — he told the officer her writing was illegible.

Anyway, I went and purchased a harness because Vinnie has been known to escape his collar when tethered in the back yard. The first one I was a large (chest size 20-28 in), and when I came home it was too small for Vinnie, who I discovered has a 32-inch chest.  That's right, he's built like a midget baseball player on steroids.  So Greg went and exchanged the harness, put it on Vinnie, and tethered him out back. 

Shortly thereafter, Laurel and I returned from her guitar lessons.  Laurel asked Greg if he exchanged the harness.

Greg:  "Yes."


Me:  "That's great.  Thanks a lot for doing that."


Greg:  "A lot of good it did, since the dog is AT THE BACK DOOR NOW, having escaped his HARNESS."

That's right.  Those noises during our conversation?  Vinnie jumping on the back door.  He'd Hulked out and escaped his harness.  Thing is, when Greg retrieved it, it wasn't unbuckled or anything.  It was just…off.  Greg said he spotted Charlotte — the neighbor dog and member of aforementioned harem — out back with Vinnie.  They clearly banded together and managed to work Vinnie out of the harness.  And these creatures have no thumbs.

We're in trouble.

Roller Boy.

The local roller rink has a Tiny Tot skate once each month.  Ethan and I attended today.  I have some pictures and video.  The video, I warn you, isn't great.  It's not easy to hold up a toddler and try to shoot video.  So he's sideways in it.  Let's just call it 'artistic,' shall we?



More High Frequency Words.

Maybe someone can explain Laurel's train of thought to me.

Her words for sentences:  eye, once, island, number, danger, country, stranger, government.

Her sentences:  "Our country is in danger of war.  What is a number?  Did you see those islands?  My eye is infected by diseases."

Good grief.

I suggested she could also use the word 'government' by adding "Thanks to our government" at the beginning of the first sentence, but she decided not to do it.  Too bad.  Would have been entertaining to make a political statement via the 2nd grade.