Okay, so I'm not as prolific a blogger as some, but that's because I have such im-POR-tant things to do, like catch up on our DVR'ed episodes of The Peoples Court (love that Judge Milian, she's the best).  So here are some little things:

  • Laurel, like a lot of gifted kids, is very sensitive, both emotionally and physically, so she has taken to wearing her socks inside out.  The sock seams drive her nuts.  The best part about it is her proclamation, "I don't care what anyone says about it."  RIGHT ON, kiddo!  Personally, I think it's an endearing little quirk.  Greg and I fought her for what felt like years when she was in kindergarten, trying to get her to wear sneakers.  She hated them and it would take her several minutes to get them to feel JUST RIGHT.  Thing is, I was like that as a kid, too.  Those sock seams drove me nuts.  I was equally upset if I couldn't wiggle my toes inside my shoes, or if the covers on the bed did not sufficiently cover my feet or were wrinkly (I am still like that).
  • Although Ethan has learned to climb on the couch, he can only do so if bare-legged or wearing sweats.  He can't get his meaty thighs up on the couch if he's in jeans.  Not enough stretch!
  • Grandma Terri's new employer's website is blocked on Laurel's PC by our Sonicwall.  The reason?  "Not Rated."  Grandma Terri's new employer is a childhood education center.  Clearly unacceptable for impressionable children.  Laurel and I convinced our resident IT director to allow the site, but not the category.
  • A plug for the Little Gym:  If you have a toddler boy(s) with pent-up energy needing release, it's a great place to take them.  Ethan goes once a week and runs around like a child being raised (or perhaps chased) by wolves.  Then he eats mac-n-cheese for lunch and takes a really long nap in the afternoon.
  • Laurel was upset with a disruptive classmate the other day so she and another girl took the classmate aside at recess and psycho-analyzed the poor girl.  They inquired into the girl's home life and upon learning the girl felt her parents didn't pay attention to her, suggested that the girl institute a Family Fun Night at her home in order to address her feelings of parent-inflicted neglect.  Then, as recess neared its end, Laurel got mad at the girl because "I specifically told her to stay away from Blake when we were playing a game and she didn't do it!" 
  • How about those UMR grad students, eh? 

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  1. The Admin

    Busy times for the BoneBloggers.  I hate sock seams too, and t-shirt tags.  Thank goodness the t-shirt tags are disappearing.  Maybe the sock seams will too.

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