I love my wife.

Well, here it is Valentine's day and I have a confession to make.  I was up late working last night, so late that it became Valentine's Day while I was working.  Having completed a quite lovely Labor Distribution report for a client, I turned my efforts to finding the perfect E-Card for the wife.  Yes, I'm admitting I have not purchased an actual paper card at this point.  That turned out to be a lost cause.  All of the cards I saw were STUPID.

So, having not found the perfect E-Card to express my undying love for my wife on Valentine's Day, I've decided to create a blog post instead.

My wife is wonderful.  She is funny, smart, a wonderful cook (did you see the homemade pretzels she made, I mean who does that?), a great mother, she lets me win arguments, sometimes (see driveway cutting post), what else could one want?  I'm certain I don't express all of these things to her enough, so here it is world, I love my wife.

Having said that, I know it is probably irresponsible of me to have not purchased a paper card that may or may not end up in the drawer with other cards exchanged over the past 6 years.  But, what could be better that a blog post, I mean really?  Tell you what, I will even make a special backup of the blog database today so that this blog post may live on for all eternity, even in the event of hardware failure, network outages, etc.  Heck, maybe I'll even do a screen capture to PDF and print it out for the wife.  🙂 

I love you wife – Greg