Poo Foot.

Last night I gave Ethan a bath.  I pulled off his diaper and didn't see any poo, so I set him in the tub.  Then I noticed poo in the tub, for the second time this week.  I cleaned it up and proceeded as usual. 

As I left the bathroom after Ethan's bath I felt something wet at the bottom of my pants leg but I figured I just splashed water on myself pulling him out so I didn't pay it any mind.  At least THIRTY MINUTES LATER, I finally sat down on the couch with Greg and was ready to put my feet up when there…

…on my ankle…

 …was poo!  A big lumpy smear of it!  Argh!  It seems when I pulled Ethan's diaper off, a little turdlet flew to my ankle and stuck itself there like Gorilla Glue.  I stood up and Greg noticed I had poo on my pants, too.  Argh!  Argh!  I went to the bathroom and took off my jeans, washed off my ankle, and went back to sit down only to realize (thanks to Greg, again) that I didn't get all of it off.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I can't believe I wore poo on my foot for half an hour.  But at least it wasn't poo in my eye, like Jess got.  Now that's nasty.

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  1. The Admin

    Well at least IIIIII wiped my face off instantly and IIII didn’t go spreading poopiness around the house.  😉

    I recommend a hot water heavy load for those jeans.

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