I Can’t Believe I Did it Again.

This afternoon after bringing Laurel home from school, I started wondering where Vinnie was, so I sent Laurel out to call for him (and she sounds like Stanley yelling for Stella — really, it's a wonder nobody has called the cops on her yet).  No dice.  We sort of dropped the issue until it was time for guitar lessons, whereupon she opened the door to the car and exclaimed, 'Oh, Mom!  Here's Vinnie!'

Yes, Vinnie was forgotten in the back of the car.  Again.

Greg didn't think I'd post this.  He thought I'd be too embarrassed.  Ha!  Not hardly.  I did Vinnie a favor!  How did I come to that conclusion?  When I opened the back of the car to let him out, he refused.  As I mentioned last time I did this, I really feel that for Vinnie, getting trapped in the back of the car is nothing short of a vacation from Ethan. 

And Laurel?  She told me she's going to tell all her friends about this tomorrow.  Awesome.