Monthly Archives: December 2006

Score! A Decent Driver License Photo!

No, that's not a typo.  In Missouri it is a 'Driver License' not a 'Driver's License.'  Just look at it, you'll see!   

Today I got to exchange pleasantries with the ever-cheerful staff at our local contract Motor Vehicle office.  Before leaving, because I'm a good little lamb for our fascist guv'ment, I went and dug out my birth certificate, most recent utility bill, my Social Security card, and because I had to prove name changes, my 1998 divorce decree AND my 2003 marriage license.  I put it all in a folder, grabbed a novel to read while waiting, and off I went.

I arrived, opened the door, and gasped.  Lo, I was the only person there for license renewal.  Sweet.  The girl manning the license renewal was mighty churlish, though.  One of those who somehow manages not to crack a smile during the entire transaction, no matter what I did to goad her into it.  She asked for my birth certificate and SS card, but nothing else.  'Wait,' I wanted to cry, 'I spent lots of time looking for this all this other crap, don't you want to see?'  No, she didn't want to see.  

So I took my little road sign test and totally blanked out on 'Divided Road Ahead' so I started stuttering and waving my arms around as though Surly Churly would respond to sign language for 'Divided Road Ahead.'  In the end, however, I managed to blurt it out so I passed the test. 

And behold, I have received the second decent license photo of my life.  Huzzah!