Family Outing to the Tree Farm.

We got our Christmas tree today.  We're purists and we like to have a real tree, so we went to Meert Tree Farm just south of Festus, as we do every year. 

Ethan didn't freak out about the tractor ride, as you can see: 

We found a winner: 

Tragedy struck.  Ethan fell on his cup and cut his eyelid (he doesn't seem to mind): 

On the way home, Greg decided to try and cram the tree into the back of the Murano rather than tie it to the top.  I was all for this idea, because the ride home, when the tree is atop the car, is usually spent with me craning my neck to see if the tree is moving while Greg repeatedly asks me how the tree is doing.

This idea had mixed results. 

 Ethan was cool with it: 

Laurel, on the other hand, didn't think it was such a great idea: 


In the end, we had a great time.

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