Dollar Words.

Laurel's gifted teachers gave the kids an assignment to see how many dollar words they could find.  Dollar words are words in which each letter is assigned an amount of money (a = $0.01, b = $0.02, c=$0.03, . . . z = $0.26), and when adding the value of all letters, it equals $1.00.  So far, Laurel has found two — 'clockwise' and 'Wednesday.' 

But that wasn't enough for Greg.

No, Greg had to go and write a program to figure the value of the words in a database of 354,000 words and then print the dollar words to a list.  He has come up with 3,578 dollar words from that list.  By extrapolation (which is worth $1.70) , it appears that about 1% of the words in the English language are dollar words.  We DID make Laurel find her own words, but we're going to send Greg's list to school — because she gets a piece of candy for each dollar word she finds.  Ha!

Me:  "That's just cheating, Greg."

Greg:  "That's not cheating.  That's using your resources."

Here are some of the words worth $1.00:  acenaphthene, agrypniai, besmircher, boondoggled, cacophonical, cousins, disparageable, emasculate, gobbledegook.  I vote we send Laurel to school with the word 'emasculate' as a dollar word.

Here is the word in that particular database with the highest value:  hydroxydesoxycorticosterone, which is a $3.90 word.  'Oversuperstitiousness' (the first reasonable word with a high value) is worth $3.28.

That's what we're about – playing fast and loose with the rules of life.


5 thoughts on “Dollar Words.

  1. The Admin

    the assignment was to find the words….


    Just because the implementation ended up being overly sophisticated, utilizing technology ranging from the Internet, to databases, to search engines, and software development doesn’t detract from the task at hand…


  2. The Admin

    WOW!  I didn’t even know I was so close — that much math makes my brain throb.  I guess we just need to put a silent "c" in there somewhere…


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