The Empress of Entitlement and the Guitar Girl.

A funny thing happened yesterday.  I went to get Laurel after school but it was p-o-u-r-i-n-g rain.  When that happens, the school releases in the gymnasium rather than outdoors.  So I parked and, with umbrella in one hand and felt-like-30-lbs-already Ethan in the other, trudged through the rain all the way up the stairs, around the building, and indoors to the gym, just like all the other parents.  Well, almost all the other parents.

After fetching Laurel, we fought our way through the mass exodus back to the car, and Laurel held the umbrella for me (read: dripped water from the umbrella down my back – but at least she tried) while I buckled Ethan in.  Then Laurel ran around to get in her side.  I hear someone shouting, look over, and here is this broad, clad in office attire, driving her fancy-schmancy little coupe, talking on a cell phone, and gesturing at me to come to her.  The exchange went something like this:

Empress:  "Aren't they going to release the kids?" (guess she was too busy chattering on the phone to notice I HAVE ONE WITH ME).

Me:  (smiling) "They did release them.  They're in the gym.  During inclement weather, the school releases in the gym rather than outside."

Empress:  (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighing)  "Well.  Isn't there anyone who can bring her out to me?!"

Me:  (glaring) "Uh…no.  I think you're going to have to park and walk just like everyone else."

She expressed her indignance to her cell phone buddy and drove off.  I hope she got really wet — just like us commoners.

In other news, here are a couple of pictures of Laurel in her cool guitar jeans her Grandma bought her – thanks, Grandma!  She loves them and will most likely insist I wash them so she can have them in time for tomorrow's guitar lessons.  She always has to strike a pose.  ha!


2 thoughts on “The Empress of Entitlement and the Guitar Girl.

  1. The Admin

    HA!!! Good for you! It would’ve been funny, too to tell her to just wait and they will bring her little nuisance to her….leave the be-atch sittin’ there.

    Just love the word Fartsome now….a friend of mine’s daughter made up a word when she was 5 or 6….she got mad at her mother for something and called her an "ass-***".  LOL!!!!

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