Teacher Conferences and the Good Stuff.

Yesterday I had a conference with Laurel's regular classroom teacher.  'Keeps materials and desk organized' was marked as 'improvement needed.'  I cannot begin to imagine where she picked up her lack of organization.

Certainly not from Mommy's example*: 

And it couldn't be from Daddy's example:    

Oh, well.  As long as she can add and read, I don't care how messy her desk is.  Greg and I did alright for ourselves, and we've never been neatniks.  Besides, we don't have time to be organized — we're too busy with the good stuff, like this:

By the way, how does one objectively evaluate the organizational skills of a 2nd grader?  Hmmmm.

*Addendum:  Greg would like me to point out that the picture of my desk was actually taken AFTER I cleaned it off sometime last week.  So it's really not as bad in this picture as it usually is. 

3 thoughts on “Teacher Conferences and the Good Stuff.

  1. The Admin

    God Bless, Michelle.  All this time I thought you were all neat and tidy.  Must have been ’cause your DNR desk was so clean. Then again, there wasn’t a DAMN THING TO DO.

  2. The Admin

    DNR is a joke.  That has to be the most useless agency in the state of Missouri, and SLRO was being run by the most useless knuckle-dragger on the planet.  But you’re right, come to think of it — my DNR desk was clean.  But not my SCW desk, and not my desk at home.  ha!

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