Monthly Archives: October 2006

Big Messes.

As parents of a 7-year-old and a 1-year-old, we find we are subject to lots of big messes.  Here are some of Ethan's more recent:


"Hello?  Bakery?  I need more cake." Yummy Birthday Cake! 

"Blue is my favorite flavor."  Yummy Blue Marker!

Fluoride and Fun Times.

I made the mistake of watching Dr. Phil one day when this Frank Lawlis fellow was on, and I was suckered into reading his book, The IQ Answer.  From the show — and admittedly I only caught the tail-end of it — I thought he was full of insightful methods to improve your child's cognitive abilities.  Not so.  He lost me by page 58 when he started bashing fluoride.  As a person who has seen first-hand the effects of water lacking fluoride, I am not willing to forego my children's dental health.  By page 64, he's touting so many supplements it's a wonder he hasn't killed someone by recommending them.  I don't walk away from many books, but this just may be one of those.  I mean, the guy doesn't even have a good website, so how good can he be?  ha!

In other news, we took the kids to Stuckmeyer's for our annual pumpkin-pickin'.  You will note they do have a website.  Here are some pictures of the fun:

Pumpkin Fields Forever Back away from my pumpkin. 

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo              


The Road Soiree.

We live on a "private road designated for public use."  As such, we have a Road Association and we all pay yearly dues to the association to handle our road maintenance.  Monday night we had the first meeting of the Association since we moved here. 


First of all, the people who live on our road are different from us.  WAY different.  The guy across the street reminds me of David Cassidy (back when he still sported feathered bangs and a mullet).  He likes to ride his lawnmower around on weekends.  He, like Hank Hill, has an omnipresent can of Busch in a can cozy.  He's also a hot air balloon pilot and seems like a nice guy.  Unfortunately, it was his golf night so he couldn't make the meeting.

 Those who did make the meeting remind me oh-so-much of the folks I knew growing up in Marshfield.  Nice people, but real characters.  Some suggestions made:

"Well, why can't we just block off the road like they do in the city?"

"I sure don't want Arnold to annex us — our taxes would go sky-high and we'd get nothing for it."

"Stay away from Mrs. Cass – when the power was out I tried to take her a flashlight and she met me at the door with her own flashlight and a weapon!"

Yes, it's good to go home again.

 The highlight of the evening was when our Road Association President announced to the group that one of the non-attendees was way behind on his dues because he keeps spending the money his wife gives him for dues.  Apparently, He Who Fritters Away Road Dues is very concerned his wife will find out (which she will).  I'm waiting for the fireworks show.  Awesome.

Entering the Fray.

There just aren't enough bloggers out there, so we've decided to add our 2 cents.  Well, I have anyway.  Greg is tech support and might even post now and then if he can drag himself away from his other obligations.

 Here's hoping I can find something to say.  Cross your fingers.