New Home for The BoneBlog

Well, we decided it's time for Laurel to have a computer of her own.  That means a new computer for general purposes and Laurel gets the hand-me-down.  Not so bad as hand-me-downs go, I think its a Pentium 4 with 640MB of RAM.  Mainly due to great pricing from Dell, I have been telling myself I would never build a machine from parts again.  Decided to go against that for this system, parts arrived yesterday and today and Laurel helped with basic assembly tonight 🙂

For the nerds/geeks out there here are the specs:

ASUS P5W DH Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2GB DDR2-800 RAM
3 – 250GB Hard Drives – RAID 5
1 – 40GB Hard Drive to play with

Installed XP Pro onto the RAID 5 array without too much in the way of issues.  Just started to install Vista on the 40GB disk to play around.  However, shortly after starting the install I realized I was installing Beta 2, not RC2, darn…  So, now I'm downloading RC2 from dear old Microsoft.  Have I mentioned how much I love the 5MB internet connection we have at home now?  1,595MB remaining, 48 minutes…  Gotta love that.

Hmm, its 11:18pm here and just heard the boy jumping around upstairs, not good.  He better go back to sleep.

Okay, so enough about the new machine, as soon as I have everything loaded up The BoneBlog will be moving from the poor decrepit Pentium 4 up to the fancy new Core 2 Duo, can't wait.