Kid Stuff & the Reason for No New Pictures.

Ethan:  Yesterday I'm sitting here while Ethan is running back and forth playing, so I sort of tuned him out until I heard a splash.  Then another.  And another.  I look around and lo, there he is with his hand in the toilet.  Yay!  I jump up and start hustling over to him to make him stop, but watch in horror as his splashing-hand moves slowly but steadily to his mouth.  Yeah, he put toilet water in his mouth.  Anybody who tells Grandma Smith about this will be shot on sight  be drawn and quartered  receive a round rebuking.

 Laurel:  Had a conference with her gifted teacher today.  Things went well, except Laurel has an obsession with bodily functions.  Her g.t. doesn't mind, but is stressing to Laurel that it is not always acceptable in polite conversation.  Laurel has invented a new word, 'Fartsome.'  As in, 'I really like that.  That is so fartsome.' or when speaking to Ethan, 'Come here, Fartsome!' or when expressing disappointment, 'I have to clean my room again?  Fartsome.'  It's one of those catch-all words, like 'Aloha' or the F-bomb.  The problem is, rather than discouraging this, I've adopted the word myself.  I call Greg 'Fartsome' with a frequency that's disturbing.  I can't help it.  I have a problem.

Naturally, this is not the first we've heard of this issue.  For those of you who haven't heard this story, Laurel's class went on a field trip to Eckert's orchard earlier this year.  Her teacher, who is apparently pretty regimental, was going through all the rules with the class – don't run, sit quietly on the wagon, get off the wagon in an orderly fashion, listen to the orchard employee when he gives instructions.  Quite a few rules, I guess.  At the end, Laurel raised her hand and when the teacher called on her, she deadpanned, "Can we fart?" 

Now, I know (and her gifted teacher knows, because she 'gets' Laurel) what Laurel was saying – she was making the point that with all those rules, was there anything they COULD do?  Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates dry wit.  Oh, well.  Tomorrow's conference with the classroom teacher should be f.u.n. 

I feel I've given Windows Vista a fair shake over the last few days, and I know these problems can be fixed, but here are my gripes so far:

 1.  I can't use my web Outlook for work because their IT guy hasn't applied a hotfix to their Exchange server.  So I can receive e-mails from work but I can't compose or reply.  Argh!

2.  I can't get the pickshurs off my kamra without a bunch of finaglin'.