Fluoride and Fun Times.

I made the mistake of watching Dr. Phil one day when this Frank Lawlis fellow was on, and I was suckered into reading his book, The IQ Answer.  From the show — and admittedly I only caught the tail-end of it — I thought he was full of insightful methods to improve your child's cognitive abilities.  Not so.  He lost me by page 58 when he started bashing fluoride.  As a person who has seen first-hand the effects of water lacking fluoride, I am not willing to forego my children's dental health.  By page 64, he's touting so many supplements it's a wonder he hasn't killed someone by recommending them.  I don't walk away from many books, but this just may be one of those.  I mean, the guy doesn't even have a good website, so how good can he be?  ha!

In other news, we took the kids to Stuckmeyer's for our annual pumpkin-pickin'.  You will note they do have a website.  Here are some pictures of the fun:

Pumpkin Fields Forever Back away from my pumpkin. 

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo I...choose...you.