Ethan Marciano.

Here's our first stab at putting video in the BoneBlog.  I somehow managed to screw up the BoneBlog yesterday while trying to get this to work.  We still don't know how I managed that, but obviously I'm an overachiever.  Greg worked for a long time to fix my screwup and get this working after I went to bed last night because he is obsessive like that.  Here's hoping it works for everyone.  Let us know if it doesn't so we can make any needed modifications!

Please keep two things in mind:  1) it was dark and I'm not a professional, so the cinematography leaves a lot to be desired.  2) yes, we are aware Ethan is wearing mismatched clothes.  We were in the midst of a try-on session for all the new clothes we purchased earlier in the day.



One thought on “Ethan Marciano.

  1. The Admin

    OMG this is hysterical….either that or I haven’t had enough caffeine…after all, it’s only 9:30am and this is the first place I went on my computer…work can wait….and wait…..

    Anyway, the "movie" stopped half way through, then was "buffering" for quite a while and when I came back to it is was over. Going to watch again cause what I DID see was a hoot!!!  That boy walks like a little penguin, puffing out that lil’ chest and belly and holding his arms out. SUCH a cutie pie!!  Bravo Mom!!

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