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That Dang Ol’ Shed and Tasty Pumpkins.

For those of you who don't know, we are proctrastinators of the first order.  Sometimes.  Greg and I decided last spring to build a shed to house our riding mower and some tools and other miscellany.  We thought it would be a good test to see if our marriage could survive finishing the basement of our home.  I'm happy to report that we work well together — Greg didn't even laugh at me when I freaked out over the summer about the height while roofing the shed and had to have his help getting down.  I'll just point out that the next day I got right back up there.  Faced my fear.  But don't ask me to get on the roof of the house — at least not on the high side.

Unfortunately, life got the best of us during most of the summer and we neglected to finish installing the soffit and fascia.  However, a couple of weeks ago we went ahead and ordered the siding for the shed so we HAD to get the trim finished before putting that up.

 I'm proud to report that we actually got our rears in gear this weekend and FINISHED THAT DANG OL' SOFFIT.  Behold:

I know there's a tree in front of it. You can still see it.

In other news, the kids carved their jack-o'-lanterns this weekend.  Here are some pictures:


I'll post pictures of the final result later this evening or tomorrow.  I love Halloween!

Teacher Conferences and the Good Stuff.

Yesterday I had a conference with Laurel's regular classroom teacher.  'Keeps materials and desk organized' was marked as 'improvement needed.'  I cannot begin to imagine where she picked up her lack of organization.

Certainly not from Mommy's example*: 

And it couldn't be from Daddy's example:    

Oh, well.  As long as she can add and read, I don't care how messy her desk is.  Greg and I did alright for ourselves, and we've never been neatniks.  Besides, we don't have time to be organized — we're too busy with the good stuff, like this:

By the way, how does one objectively evaluate the organizational skills of a 2nd grader?  Hmmmm.

*Addendum:  Greg would like me to point out that the picture of my desk was actually taken AFTER I cleaned it off sometime last week.  So it's really not as bad in this picture as it usually is. 

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

What has Greg done for me lately?

 1.  Got pictures off the camera for me;

2.  Bought me these:   

3.  Helped me burn VHS to DVD;


4.  Lots of other stuff, but too much to mention here. 


Thanks, sweetie.  You're the greatest.

Kid Stuff & the Reason for No New Pictures.

Ethan:  Yesterday I'm sitting here while Ethan is running back and forth playing, so I sort of tuned him out until I heard a splash.  Then another.  And another.  I look around and lo, there he is with his hand in the toilet.  Yay!  I jump up and start hustling over to him to make him stop, but watch in horror as his splashing-hand moves slowly but steadily to his mouth.  Yeah, he put toilet water in his mouth.  Anybody who tells Grandma Smith about this will be shot on sight  be drawn and quartered  receive a round rebuking.

 Laurel:  Had a conference with her gifted teacher today.  Things went well, except Laurel has an obsession with bodily functions.  Her g.t. doesn't mind, but is stressing to Laurel that it is not always acceptable in polite conversation.  Laurel has invented a new word, 'Fartsome.'  As in, 'I really like that.  That is so fartsome.' or when speaking to Ethan, 'Come here, Fartsome!' or when expressing disappointment, 'I have to clean my room again?  Fartsome.'  It's one of those catch-all words, like 'Aloha' or the F-bomb.  The problem is, rather than discouraging this, I've adopted the word myself.  I call Greg 'Fartsome' with a frequency that's disturbing.  I can't help it.  I have a problem.

Naturally, this is not the first we've heard of this issue.  For those of you who haven't heard this story, Laurel's class went on a field trip to Eckert's orchard earlier this year.  Her teacher, who is apparently pretty regimental, was going through all the rules with the class – don't run, sit quietly on the wagon, get off the wagon in an orderly fashion, listen to the orchard employee when he gives instructions.  Quite a few rules, I guess.  At the end, Laurel raised her hand and when the teacher called on her, she deadpanned, "Can we fart?" 

Now, I know (and her gifted teacher knows, because she 'gets' Laurel) what Laurel was saying – she was making the point that with all those rules, was there anything they COULD do?  Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates dry wit.  Oh, well.  Tomorrow's conference with the classroom teacher should be f.u.n. 

I feel I've given Windows Vista a fair shake over the last few days, and I know these problems can be fixed, but here are my gripes so far:

 1.  I can't use my web Outlook for work because their IT guy hasn't applied a hotfix to their Exchange server.  So I can receive e-mails from work but I can't compose or reply.  Argh!

2.  I can't get the pickshurs off my kamra without a bunch of finaglin'.


Ethan Marciano.

Here's our first stab at putting video in the BoneBlog.  I somehow managed to screw up the BoneBlog yesterday while trying to get this to work.  We still don't know how I managed that, but obviously I'm an overachiever.  Greg worked for a long time to fix my screwup and get this working after I went to bed last night because he is obsessive like that.  Here's hoping it works for everyone.  Let us know if it doesn't so we can make any needed modifications!

Please keep two things in mind:  1) it was dark and I'm not a professional, so the cinematography leaves a lot to be desired.  2) yes, we are aware Ethan is wearing mismatched clothes.  We were in the midst of a try-on session for all the new clothes we purchased earlier in the day.



My House Never Smells Good Anymore.

This post was actually written yesterday, but I lost it when I screwed up the Boneblog.  Thanks to Greg, I have the text back – he's the greatest!

Right now I'm sitting here at the computer which is 14 feet away from the kitchen trash can.  Yes, I measured.  I am like that.  

The trash can smell is to my nostrils as Ike was to Tina (or Bobby was to Whitney – you get the idea).  Nevermind that I have had a ginormous Yankee Candle burning for h-o-u-r-s.  I know it isn't the refrigerator because I cleaned it out this morning and disposed of such niceties as the mold-ridden, partially liquefied lime which was a source of consternation to me because I kept smelling rotten oranges and knew we hadn't had any oranges for months, where's-the-rotten-orange-where's-the-rotten-orange?!

The lime is not the source of the malodorous assault.  Ethan's diaper is.  How is it that baby poo smell is able to waft through a stainless-steel covered trash can, fight the Yankee Candle smell for right-of-way, and travel 14 feet to where I am sitting?  The military should really look into using that stuff as a chemical weapon.  Or maybe they can just put dirty diapers along the Mexican border as a more effective deterrent than the Minuteman Project

On top of this, Vinnie smells like fish food.  Greg and I can't figure out why.  Maybe it's time for a switch in his dog food.  Oh, wait.  He doesn't eat his dog food because Ethan feeds him from the high chair.  Greg bathed him this weekend but he still smells exactly like Tetra smells when you open a can of it and take a big whiff.  Yes, I've done that.  I am like that. 

New Home for The BoneBlog

Well, we decided it's time for Laurel to have a computer of her own.  That means a new computer for general purposes and Laurel gets the hand-me-down.  Not so bad as hand-me-downs go, I think its a Pentium 4 with 640MB of RAM.  Mainly due to great pricing from Dell, I have been telling myself I would never build a machine from parts again.  Decided to go against that for this system, parts arrived yesterday and today and Laurel helped with basic assembly tonight 🙂

For the nerds/geeks out there here are the specs:

ASUS P5W DH Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2GB DDR2-800 RAM
3 – 250GB Hard Drives – RAID 5
1 – 40GB Hard Drive to play with

Installed XP Pro onto the RAID 5 array without too much in the way of issues.  Just started to install Vista on the 40GB disk to play around.  However, shortly after starting the install I realized I was installing Beta 2, not RC2, darn…  So, now I'm downloading RC2 from dear old Microsoft.  Have I mentioned how much I love the 5MB internet connection we have at home now?  1,595MB remaining, 48 minutes…  Gotta love that.

Hmm, its 11:18pm here and just heard the boy jumping around upstairs, not good.  He better go back to sleep.

Okay, so enough about the new machine, as soon as I have everything loaded up The BoneBlog will be moving from the poor decrepit Pentium 4 up to the fancy new Core 2 Duo, can't wait.

The Empress of Entitlement and the Guitar Girl.

A funny thing happened yesterday.  I went to get Laurel after school but it was p-o-u-r-i-n-g rain.  When that happens, the school releases in the gymnasium rather than outdoors.  So I parked and, with umbrella in one hand and felt-like-30-lbs-already Ethan in the other, trudged through the rain all the way up the stairs, around the building, and indoors to the gym, just like all the other parents.  Well, almost all the other parents.

After fetching Laurel, we fought our way through the mass exodus back to the car, and Laurel held the umbrella for me (read: dripped water from the umbrella down my back – but at least she tried) while I buckled Ethan in.  Then Laurel ran around to get in her side.  I hear someone shouting, look over, and here is this broad, clad in office attire, driving her fancy-schmancy little coupe, talking on a cell phone, and gesturing at me to come to her.  The exchange went something like this:

Empress:  "Aren't they going to release the kids?" (guess she was too busy chattering on the phone to notice I HAVE ONE WITH ME).

Me:  (smiling) "They did release them.  They're in the gym.  During inclement weather, the school releases in the gym rather than outside."

Empress:  (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighing)  "Well.  Isn't there anyone who can bring her out to me?!"

Me:  (glaring) "Uh…no.  I think you're going to have to park and walk just like everyone else."

She expressed her indignance to her cell phone buddy and drove off.  I hope she got really wet — just like us commoners.

In other news, here are a couple of pictures of Laurel in her cool guitar jeans her Grandma bought her – thanks, Grandma!  She loves them and will most likely insist I wash them so she can have them in time for tomorrow's guitar lessons.  She always has to strike a pose.  ha!